Far Cry 5 might be a spaghetti western game


There are stong rumors that Far Cry 5 could be a spaghetti western game set in 19th America, and that it might come out this September.

The rumors started when the website Great Falls Tribune reported that a Church in northeast Montana prairie would be featured in a videogame, saying that this game will come out in September.

Producer Jeff Guillot told the site that it’s a sequel to a global franchise, the crew was using a drone to film what’s most likely an a live action trailer.
Jeff Guillot has already worked with Ubisoft in the past, in fact he produced a live action trailer for Far Cry Primal.

The game is supposedly taking place in an imaginary location called Hope County.
Initially, people thought that this game was Red Dead Redemption 2 but Kotaku’s insider Jason Shreirer confirmed on NeoGAF that it’s, indeed, Far Cry 5.

To add more fuel to the fire, back in 2015 Ubisoft opened a poll about what fans wanted for future Far Cry settings, and one of the options was a Spaghetti Western game in the late 19th Century.

Maybe this year’s E3 will reveal us more about Far Cry’s future.

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